Meet Miss Minnesota International 2009!

Maddy Thoele (Miss Wayzata) was crowned Miss Minnesota International 2009 on March 15th in St. Cloud. Minnesota, where she competed with other "county/city" title holders from across the state. These women are recognized for their achievements as individuals.

"Leading the Way to a Cure"  The Children's Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer by providing funds to the University of Minnesota for research and training relating to the prevention, treatment and cure of childhood cancer. The organization also educates the public about childhood cancer and supports quality-of-life programs for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

When Maddy was six years old, her sister Shannon was diagnosed with leukemia, cancer of the bone marrow, and the next five years of their lives were filled with hospitals, chemotherapy, and an unending parade of doctors. These experiences taught her firsthand about the difficulties faced by children with cancer.

She is proud to be part of the Children's Cancer Research Fund because it is the propelling agent that drives the children’s life saving engine. She has fifteen years of life experience with children’s cancer, and has developed an unending energy to further support "Leading the Way to a Cure".

If you would like Maddy to be part of your special event and speak at any club or meeting, please Contact our Office to reserve her for your scheduled dates. We look forward to making your next meeting or event a successful and enjoyable one.

Maddy Thoele is proud to be MISS MINNESOTA INTERNATIONAL 2009, and hopes to encourage young women throughout the state "To Make a Difference", and participate in their communities and this worthwhile event. To learn more about Maddy, visit her official pageant website

Maddy Thoele

Miss Minnesota
International 2009